CPIM Part 1 Course Description


CPIM Part 1 is the first in the 2-Part Series of the NEW CPIM Curriculum released in the Fall of 2017.  CPIM Part 1 is the equivalent of Basics of Supply Chain Management.  If you have not started preparing for CPIM Certification, you have the option to take either the BSCM or the CPIM Part 1 exam.  If you have completed the BSCM course review and passed the exam (and are within the time limit for completing the program), you may complete the CPIM Certification process by completing the 4 Legacy Exams or the New Part 2 Exam.  Below is an outline for this course.  Futher course details will be added as they become available.

CPIM Part 1 Topics Covered:

Module 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management

  • Introduction

  • Section A: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • Section B: Demand Management

  • Section C: Master Planning

  • Section D: Materials Requirements Planning

  • Section E: Capacity Management

  • Section F: Purchasing

  • Section G: Inventory Management

  • Section H: Execution and Control

  • Section I: Physical Distribution

  • Section J: Continuous Improvement