APICS Twin Cities Chapter recognizes the dedication and support provided by the volunteers who work to make this Chapter thrive.

Education Policy Committee:  Chuck Nemer, CPIM, Vice President Education

  • Bettie Setizer, CSCP - Director of Instructors
  • Luke Frtize, CPIM, CSCP - Director of Continuing Education
  • Sarah Key, CPIM, CSCP - Director of Certification Programs
  • Tara Rasch, CSCP - Director of Educaiton Marketing
  • Moustafa Kareem, CFPIM - Committee Advisor
  • Mark Shepherd, CPIM - Committee Advisor
  • Rich Greig, CPIM - Committee Advisor
  • Orville Vaughn, CPIM, CLTD - Committee Advisor
  • John Melbye, CSCP - Committee Advisor

Programs Committee: Les Hoffman, CPIM, Vice President Programs

  • Kathy Arendt, CSCP
  • Adam James, CSCP, CLTD
  • Dan Becker, CSCP
  • Joe Soule', CPIM
  • Lisa Camitsch, CSCP
  • Michael Geiselman, CPIM
  • Michael Schwartz
  • Nicole Koeb, CPIM
  • Rich Greig, CPIM
  • John Melbye, CSCP

Seminars Committe: Jeanne Schulzetenberg, CPIM, Vice President Seminars

  • Dave Guilmette, CPIM, CSCP - Director

Finance Committee:  John Lawson, CPA, Vice President Finance

Marketing Committee: Vice President Marketing & Sales - Open

Membership Committee: Tony Czerniak, CPIM, CSCP, Vice President Membership

Innovation and New Product Development: Vice President of Innovation and New Product Developement - Open

  • Jim Nelson - Director

Academic & Career Development Committee: Vice President AC&D-Open

  • Orville Vaughn, CPIM, CLTD - Acting VP
  • John Augustiniak, CSCP - Director

Do you have an interest in volunteering? Contact the Chapter Office.