Demand Driven Program

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning
A New Opportunity for APICS Members/Colleagues

APICS Twin Cities Chapter is pleased to partner with the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) to offer new opportunities to enhance your skills as an Operations and Supply Chain Professional!  We believe the Demand Driven method is the solution for MRP users and leaders who desire better supply chain performance.

What is Demand Driven MRP?

The Method:
DDMRP is a methodology and philosophy of running a company by focusing on flow through the supply chain. The foundation of DDMRP involves a philosophical shift from cost centric to flow centric decisions. This means that you focus on moving parts through the process to actual demand rather than focusing on cost and utilization rates through equipment. As supported by management accounting, basic economics and physics this flow is proven to be THE key factor in successfully managing return on investment.

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The Twin Cities Chapter is pleased to offer the following Workshops:

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