Chapter Awards

2019-2020 APICS Twin Cities Chapter Recogntion:

APICS Twin Cities Chapter Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for their membership.  One of our challenges this year was to recognize more of our members who show a commitment to excellence and to the chapter, rather than trying to narrow it down to one individual.  In that spirit, we would like to further recognize a few categories. 

30+ Year Members

Years of Membership!  People may not realize the commitment that many of our members have to APICS.  And though they may not have spent their entire membership with the Twin Cities Chapter, they are with us now.  And we celebrate all of our members who have shown the loyalty to APICS (now ASCM) and who are currently with APICS Twin Cities.  We have 31 members with 30 years of membership or more. The chapter thanks you for your many years of membership.

Member Name/Credentials Company Original Join Date:
Rich Greig, CPIM
Luann Tolliver, CPIM   05/01/1980
Alan Busch, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP Smiths Medical 09/01/1981
Bruce Berwald Open Enterprise Systems, LLC 01/01/1983
Peter Nguyen Wanner Engineering 03/01/1984
Rebecca Hallock-Wolff, CPIM SAP Consultant 04/01/1984
Michael Skucius, CPIM,CIRM, CSCP Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar 05/01/1984
Orville Vaughn, CPIM, CLTD Metro State University 06/01/1984
Jeanne Schulzetenberg, CPIM Veeco 11/01/1984
Cathy Treichel, CPIM Donaldson Co. 11/01/1984
Michael Erickson Waterous Company 12/01/1984
Jack Murphy Diasorin 09/01/1985
Al DeWitt, CPIM Stylmark, Inc. 10/01/1985
Jane Beauchaine, CPIM   12/01/1986
Michael Collins, CPIM, CIRM Upsher-Smith 04/01/1987
Joe Soule', CPIM   06/01/1987
Rick Taylor, CPIM Clarus Medical/Urologix LLC 06/01/1987
Scott Imhoff, CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD GAF Materials Corp. 10/01/1987
Chuck Nemer, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD The Guru of Biz LLC 10/01/1987
Sharon Kipper, CPIM Graco, Inc. 01/01/1988
Kathy Boyer, CPIM Collins Aerospace 05/01/1988
Brian Merkel, CPIM, CSCP Henkel 08/01/1988
David Gamache, CPIM, CSCP Ritchie Engineering Company 09/01/1988
Bill Raffield, CSCP University of St. Thomas 09/01/1988
Gary Anderson, CSCP Veeco Instruments 11/01/1988
Ronald Groshens Anagram International 03/01/1990
Tim Gosswiller, CPIM Landscape Structures 05/01/1990
Tim Piersa, CPIM Nexen Group 05/01/1990
Michelle Aune, CSCP   07/01/1990
Mitsy Lutz, CPIM, CSCP Abbott 11/10/1990
Bernice Sims, CPIM Remmele Engineering, Inc. 12/13/1990


2019-20 PDM Attendance Awards

Professional Development Meeting attendance! We had five members with perfect or near-perfect attendance.  Thank you for your commitment.

  • Rachel Johansen, CPIM, Lund Food Holdings
  • Judy Olson, Conklin Co.
  • Dawn Skare, CPIM, CSCP, GAF Materials Corp.
  • Greg Gardner, Chandler Industries, Inc.
  • Lynette Brace, CPIM, Skyline Exhibits


2019-20 Outstanding Instructors

Education and training are very important to the chapter.  Therefore, we recognize all of our instructors, many who teach the evenings after a full day of work.

  • Scott Imhoff, CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD
  • Sarah Key, CSCP
  • Bruce McMahon, CPIM
  • John Melbye, CSCP, DDPP, DDLP
  • Chuck Nemer, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD
  • Mark Shepherd, CPIM
  • Orville Vaughn, CPIM, CLTD
  • Tim Gosswiller, CPIM
  • Mike Manion, CPIM, CSCP
  • Tara Rasch, CSCP
  • Lisa Camitsch, CSCP


2019-20 Company Recognition: Platinum (4-star), Gold (3-star), Silver (2-star), Bronze (1-star)

Company recognition!  We now have a series of criteria used to collect points (or stars) for member companies.  Showcasing the importance of hosting an event or tour, maintaining a company membership, hosting an onsite training, and providing a speaker or panelist.  In addition, for companies that gain at least one point from the above activities, we give a bonus point if the company supports an employee as a chapter board member or committee member.

Platinum 4-Star: Gold 3-Star:
Silver 2-Star:
Bronze 1-Star:


Lund Food Holdings, Inc.
(Lunds & Byerlys)
Pediatric Home Service Co.




University of St. Thomas
Graco, Inc.
Peerless Plastics


  Nonin Medical
The Specialty Mfg Co.


   Collins Aerospace
Interstate Power Systems, Inc.


   TE Connectivity
Smiths Medical






    Parker Hannifin



Companies Earn Stars for the following activities:

  • Host or Sponsor an Event or Tour = *
  • Host an APICS Training on-site = *
  • Hold an ASCM Company Membership = *
  • Provide a speaker or panelist from your company = *
  • In addition to meeting one of the above criteria, also supports an employee to participate as a Board Member or Committee Volunteer = *