Execution & Control of Operations - Core Competency Module

Learn to translate plans into operational activities and define and apply techniques in the operations field.

Topics include:

  • Comparing actual output to plans and taking appropriate corrective actions
  • Communicating ideas in a group setting and instructing others in tasks
  • Creating operational solutions in the face of competing resources
  • Explaining the release of work and reporting performance through data collection
  • Understanding the execution of quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans
  • Evaluating trade-offs and participating in design decisions


  • Explain how to schedule production and process plans in the manufacturing process, the impact of variation on business systems, and methods for managing production resources.
  • Demonstrate the effect of the facility's layout on scheduling and workflow, input and output control techniques, and push system techniques.
  • Explain bottleneck management, lead-time control operations and techniques, reporting activities and data collection techniques, cost systems, impact on decision-making, and the effect of specifications and standards on product quality.
  • Identify report and data collection techniques, manufacturing environments for pull systems, interfaces and data exchanges required to execute a plan, and pull systems.