A Demand Driven S&OP Experience

March 11, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Hamline University (Mpls. Campus)
1600 Utica Avenue S.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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A Demand Driven S&OP Experience

unique 1-day simulation workshop

introducing Demand Driven concepts and implementation methodology

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 8am-5pm

  • Do you have too much of the wrong stuff and too little of the right stuff?  Do you spend money on overnight delivery and then not use the product for days or even weeks?


  • Is your staff frustrated?  Is there conflict between departments?


  • Is management demanding to know why you can’t keep the right products on the shelf?

Join us for this 1-day workshop and see for yourself how the Demand Driven MRP methodology can help!

Demand Driven MRP recognizes that the world has changed in the 50 years since MRP was developed.  And that, with a powerful but easy to understand change in our approach, we can quickly and easily reduce the chaos that is the life of the Supply Chain Planner, Buyer or Scheduler.

Come and experience for yourself the impact that the Demand Driven MRP methodology can have on your business.  Take a company that is in trouble and doesn’t have money to throw at the problem (sound familiar) and see if the strategy you deploy (including the Demand Driven Operating Model) will be able to save it.

This unique Demand Driven S&OP Experience workshop will allow you and your team to experience and test implementing DDMRP buffers in a simulated environment.  The workshop discusses the broad concepts of the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) buffer methodology, practices decision-making and participants experience the positive impact of buffer implementation in a risk-free environment. The workshop then follows an S&OP process to discover how implementing buffers in a budget constrained environment, typical of the real-world, can still deliver high service level expectations. This, while systematically reducing inventory investment AND achieving an expected Return on Investment. 

This is a highly interactive, team-based simulation workshop!  In addition to gaining a better understanding of DDMRP, participants gain skills in team building, cross-functional awareness, and collaboration.

Bring your team of 4 and save 10% with the Group Discount! 

Earn 8 Certification Maintenance Points for attendance at this workshop!


$600.00 APICS Member Registration (Twin Cities Chapter)
$645.00 after 12:00 am March 5

$700.00 Nonmember Registration
$745.00 after 12:00 am March 5

$600.00 Member Ticket - Member of Another APICS Chapter
$645.00 after 12:00 am March 5

$540.00 Group Ticket-APICS Member - (Requires 3 or more registrations in one payment transaction)
$585.00 after 12:00 am March 5

$630.00 Group Ticket-Nonmembers (Requires 3 or more registrations in one payment transaction)
$675.00 after 12:00 am March 5