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Professional Development Meeting

February 2019 Professional Development Meeting

A Bad Day at the Office:
Good Ways to Deliver Bad News and Manage Negative Reviews

Presented by: Melissa DeLay, TruPerception

Tuesday February 12, 2019, 5:00pm
DoubleTree, Park Place, Minneapolis, MN

As leaders, we all have the unpleasant job of delivering bad news from time to time.  Join us to learn some helpful techniques to improve your communication skils!


Link to details and registration info.

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Member News

Introducing the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

For over 60 years, supply chain professionals and organizations have relied on APICS to deliver world-class certification. But that was just the beginning. We’re excited to welcome you to the new Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).


 Check out the Certification Comparison Chart Now! 

Check out this webinar:

"Which APICS Certification is Right for You?” 

Supply Chain is where it's at...

Check out these sites that we found quite interesting and relevant:

Supply Chain Digest

The Lean Thinker - check out Mark Rosenthal's blog!

Supply Chain Management Review

Thinking Supply Chain - check out the APICS Blog - Insights, analysis and ideas to advance your supply chain. Join the conversation.

Feel free to share your interesting reading on our LInkedIn page

Your Chapter is Platinum!

Chapter Management Excellence is an integral component to enhancing the member experience. Successful APICS chapters provide their members with opportunities for stellar education, career development, and networking.

The APICS Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CBAR) program recognizes chapters that have exceeded minimum standards and exemplify excellence in overall chapter management. We are proud to announce the APICS Twin Cities Chapter received the 2018 CBAR Platinum Award designation, an admirable accomplishment for an APICS chapter. As a member of an APICS Platinum Award Winning Chapter, the CBAR designation signifies your chapter’s commitment to providing an exceptional membership experience. APICS Twin Cities Chapter has been recognized with this award for the past 24 consecutive years!

We are pleased to make the benefits of APICS student membership even more accessible to our future leaders in the industry!

APICS Education Selector

Discover Which Program is Right for You!

APICS offers a variety of education, certification, and endorsement programs to enhance your professional career and improve your organization’s bottom line. Whether you need to streamline your supply chain, master the basics of materials and operations management or build your knowledge in logistics, transportation and distribution, APICS has the right program for you.

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Calendar of Events







  • Demand Driven Planner, Weds & Thurs, 5/22/19 & 5/23/19, 8am-5pm, 2-days, Registration Deadline: 5/15/19


>Link to the Events Calendar.

Learn about:

CPIM - CSCP - CLTD - Continuing Education - IHE - Seminars


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Welcome New Members

November 2018:

FirstName LastName Company
Andrew Catterton  
Steven Gock Nonin Medical, Inc.
Tera Hereid  
Matthew Hibbard  
DeShean Jordan  
Steven Prokuski, CPIM Trane Company


October 2018:

FirstName LastName Company
Mirnesa Beganovic Antares Pharma
Mariluz Lopez Franco  
Juan Macias Northrop Grumman
Bradley Magerkurth  
Mike Michele Safran Test Cells
Adam Muehlhauser Atscott Manufacturing
Ying Min Mulgrew 3M
Abidemi Oluwadamilola-Elliott Homble Energy Services
Jacob Reisdorfer  
Isaiah Rosenow  
Rebecca Rumpza  
Tracey Williamson  
Sultana Zannah  

September 2018:

FirstName LastName Company
Rabeet Ahsan  
Syed Akailvi  
Ravi Kumar Reddy Alavala  
Rishika Amarnani  
Lisa Anderson  
Elliot Barquest  
Brandon Chicone Prestige Beverage Group
Gregory Gaspard  
Andrew Gerdeen  
Varun Grover  
Kristina Gyorgieva  
Andrew Harry American Converters
Richard Jundt, CSCP SPS Commerce
Eric Kaess  
Jason Melchert  
Divya Mogilsetty  
Rakshit Nasikkar Saint Cloud State University
Scott Paul  
FNU Pushpavati  
Aiswarya Ramesh  
Divya Chowdary Rayapati  
Rhea Robison  
Maneesha Sama  
Christopher Schneider  
Paul Snow  
Mark Tegeler  
James Tupy Interstate Power Systems, Inc.
Preksha Vancha  


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Congratulations Newly Certified Members



December 2018
  • Kevin Peterson, CPIM - Vaddio
  • Michael Crowley, CPIM - 3M
  • Cody Tucker, CPIM - Hollywood Fashion Secrets

November 2018
  • Krysta Peterson, CPIM - 3M
  • Kathryn Curtis, CPIM - 3M
  • Kristen Mangan, CPIM - Midwest Sign
  • Caleb Nyquist, CPIM - 3M
  • Jessica Durfee, CSCP
  • Chuck Nemer, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD - The Guru of Biz

October 2018
  • Matthew Johnson, CPIM - Osprey Medical
  • Anne Christensen, CPIM
  • Scott Ryckman, CPIM - DuPont Pioneer
  • Joshua Moss, CPIM - VEECO

September 2018
  • Skyler Poulios, CPIM
  • Shaun O'Hara, CLTD

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Board of Directors Column

february 2019 Board Column

Tony Czerniak, CPIM, CSCP

Vice President Membership

Greetings to all 700 Twin City APICS Members and best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2019!  As you have probably heard APICS will be under the Umbrella of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) and you will be receiving new membership cards in early 2019.  APICS will continue with all the great educational offerings, certifications seminars and conferences that have been our mainstay – but exciting new offerings as well – and we finally have “Supply Chain” under our name.

As always we welcome volunteers to help with our membership activities – from speaking with the folks in your organization, your suppliers, your customers and all others in your Supply Chain to helping to retain and encourage your fellow members. This will help your organization to build solid relationships and to be on the same page with the latest information and methodology throughout.

What you can get from the local APICS chapter, our national chapter, and APICS Chapters around the world?

  • APICS support and networking group to interact with.
  • Educational and certification offerings –for CPIM, CSCP, CLTD and classes on Demand Driven Planner get - knowledge to use on the job and adding the why to the how of supply chain.
  • Opportunities to gain leadership experience and networking by becoming a committee member and a position on the Board of Directors
  • The monthly PDMs offer our members the opportunity to network with a wonderful resource where members have experience in everything from Inventory to implementation and they are willing to give tips and knowledge and help fellow members wherever they can. The topics great and relevant – from tours to the latest how-to methods
  • PDM surveys, you as members have the opportunity to set the future topics for the PDMs.


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THE UN-COMFORT ZONE with Robert Wilson

My Lunch With a Movie Star

He shared his journey of self-discovery for giving back.

There are philosophers who believe the universe was created not by a Big Bang, but by a Prime Mover; an entity who pushed the cosmic gears and made them begin to turn. A single divine jump start after which the world was left to run on its own.

It's not a bad theory as far as beginning of the world scenarios go, and one still hears trickle-down variations of it from time to time. One thing pushes another which pushes another which pushes another, and suddenly George Bailey is having A Wonderful Life. A butterfly flaps its wings in China and a few weeks later it's a twister in Kansas. We hear plenty of tales that turned into twisters, and not nearly enough that didn't, but they exist.

One of them happened back in 1958 when a cocksure young man of 33 was just hitting his stride. He was the highest paid actor in Hollywood with the top rated television show in America when a little old doctor in Africa gave him a portentous push. It wasn't so much a push, but rather a steady gaze, a few choice words, and the example of his actions.

The television show was Wyatt Earp, the actor was Hugh O'Brian, and the doctor: Albert Schweitzer. Today, six decades later, two generations have reached adulthood without ever having seen an episode of Wyatt Earp or heard of Dr. Schweitzer. Hugh O'Brian passed away in 2016 at the age of 91, and Dr. Schweitzer died at age 90 in 1965 - yet 10,000 high school students are moved by their message every year.

On May 9, 1993, I had the opportunity to spend the day with Hugh O'Brian when he met Rhena Schweitzer Miller, the daughter of Albert Schweitzer, for the first time. The Georgia chapter of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) asked me to write an article about their meeting for publication. They also asked me to pick him up at the Atlanta airport.

Not knowing much about Hugh O'Brian, I went to the library and did some research. I learned that he used a couple of different stage names before settling on his current one. One of those names was Jaffer Grey, so being a bit of a prankster, I printed that name on a poster board. When people started exiting the plane, I stood in the crowd of waiting friends, relatives, and limo drivers and held up my sign. When O'Brian stepped out of the jetway, he scanned the crowd from left to right passing over me, but second later his head snapped back to my sign and he stormed over to me with a big grin on his face.

"Where did you find that name?" he demanded.

"In Who's Who," I replied.

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is an author, humorist-speaker and innovation consultant. He works with companies that want to be more competitive and with people who want to think like innovators. Robert is the author of ...and Never Coming Back, a psychological thriller-novel about a motion picture director; the inspirational book: Wisdom in the Weirdest Places; and The Annoying Ghost Kid a humorous children’s book about dealing with a bully. For more information on Robert, please visit http://www.jumpstartyourmeeting.com

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ASCM Conference

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